Automotive Technician Program Supervisor

June 21, 2024
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Automotive Technician Program Supervisor – Sample Job Description

The Automotive Technician Program Supervisor oversees the program’s management, focusing on maintaining high-quality faculty through recruitment, training, and classroom evaluations. This role is pivotal in resolving issues impacting student retention and ensuring the program’s continuous enhancement. The supervisor may also assume instructor responsibilities as needed.

Essential Duties:

  • Educational Standards Compliance: The Automotive Technician Program Supervisor ensures adherence to ACCSC and State of New Mexico requirements.
  • Student Success: Oversee student retention, graduation, and job placement to achieve benchmarks.
  • Faculty Management:
    • Train and supervise instructional staff.
    • Conduct quarterly classroom observations and weekly course visits.
    • Verify instructor qualifications and knowledge currency.
  • Program Administration:
    • Manage budget and supplies.
    • Address student issues to enhance retention and graduation.
    • Counsel students on academic and attendance matters.
    • Verify grade book accuracy and monitor attendance.
  • Teaching: Instruct curriculum as needed.
  • Problem Resolution: Identify and communicate program issues for timely resolution.
  • Goal Setting: Establish and monitor IAIP goals.
  • Industry Alignment: Organize bi-annual PAC meetings and weekly faculty meetings.
  • Professional Development: Participate in required meetings, trainings, and student orientations.
  • Engagement: Maintain contact with students on leave and organize guest speaker sessions.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with Career Services and contribute to curriculum development.

Secondary Duties:

  • Assist in curriculum revision and the acquisition of training vehicles.
  • Manage nighttime campus supervision and other assigned tasks.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions:

  • Medium work level, occasionally lifting up to 50 pounds.
  • Requires standing for extended periods, clear communication, and sufficient vision and hearing for instruction.
  • Exposure to chemicals, smells, and noise, with minimal adverse environmental conditions.

Working Hours:

  • Full-Time, salaried position within 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM (Mon-Thurs) and 8 AM – 5 PM (Fri).
  • Shifts include one until 7:00 PM and possibly until 10:00 PM as needed, with two shifts starting by 8:45 AM.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Education: Associate’s degree in Automotive Technology or related field.
  • Experience: 5+ years in Automotive Repair or related field, plus 1+ years of instructional experience.
  • License(s)/Certification(s): N/A

*This job description is in its draft form. An updated version will be provided to candidates who meet the qualifications.

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