Service Markets

Healthcare Services

With a candidate network and client base of highly trained and qualified healthcare professionals, job seekers and employers rely on Excelon Associates for a wide variety of complex healthcare staffing and recruitment needs.

What we do

Excelon supports it’s Healthcare focused clients by attracting, engaging, and retaining top industry talent. We provide our healthcare clients with access to a highly diverse and qualified candidate pool. With the advent of social media and the seemingly endless supply of job boards, hiring the right people to work at your hospital or healthcare facility has never been more important.


Skilled Nursing Facilities
Individual & Private Practices
Diagnostic Centers & Clinics
Assisted Living Facilities
Rehabilitation Centers


Working in partnership with your organization, Excelon Associates strives to deliver innovative and comprehensive staffing and recruitment solutions to your workforce management. Our solutions directly address management, clinical staffing and ancillary needs.


C-Level Executives
Presidents & Vice Presidents
Physicians & Nurses
In-Service Educators
Allied Health Professionals


Our healthcare recruiters are ready to assist you in finding your next opportunity. Whether you’re looking for opportunities in acute care, rehab facilities, hospitals, or convalescent homes, Excelon has the experience and client base that will ensure you are connected to industry leading healthcare facilities looking to hire.

Our experience drives results

At a glance:

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Why we are different

Excelon Associates is a “tech-first” recruitment agency that utilizes advances marketing techniques to target and attract the right set of candidates for your healthcare-focused search. We utilize our distribution network, google rankings, and social media to provide visibility to your search like other firms cannot, at no additional cost. Our healthcare recruiters have real-world experience and are uniquely equipped to handle complex recruitment needs within the general healthcare space. 

Our Latest Work

Here are some of the most recent opportunities we have worked on. In addition to being fully indexed on Google, we aggressively market all of our opportunities online and provide this to our clients at no additional cost. 

Attributes we screen for

When working with Excelon, you can expect results. We investigate and thoroughly interview everyone we end up submitting to our clients. We go back 10-years to learn about and uncover all we can about the applicants background. When you receive a submission from us, you’ll know exactly who you’re speaking to. 

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Cognitive Attributes
  • Intelligence
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Ability to Learn
  • Absorptive Capacity
Social Attributes
  • Communication Skills
  • Social Awareness Skills
  • Social Judgement Skills
  • Persuasion and Negotiation Skills
  • Collaboration Skills
Business Attributes
  • Business Acumen
  • Finance Management Skills
  • Organizational Management Skills
  • Global Networking Skills
Strategic Attributes
  • Systems-level Awareness
  • Visioning Skills
  • Complex Problem Solving Skills
  • Organizational Change Skills
  • Innovation Skills
  • Adaptability