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Whether you need short-term temp agency solutions, or extended contractual professionals, Excelon Associates can provide qualified temporary talent with the tangible skills you need, for as long as you need them.

What we do

Excelon Associates can support any administrative role needed, excluding light industrial. We focus on temporary opportunities in the Higher Education, Financial Services, Government, and Healthcare sectors. Whether you have a seasonal hiring need that calls upon a specific skill-set, you want to evaluate the fit before making a longer-term hiring commitment, or you require reinforcement during an employee absence, our Temporary and Contract Staffing team can quickly connect you with the talent you need to keep your business moving forward. 


We help K-12, College, and University Partners identify, attract, and retain top education talent.


Private Equity, Venture Capital, Crypto, and Investment Banking recruitment solutions for leading firms 


City, State, and Federal recruitment solutions for government agencies  leveraging their hiring capabilities


Hospital, clinic, and laboratory recruitment solutions for healthcare firms looking to hire industry talent

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Why we are different

Excelon Associates boasts decades of staffing and temporary recruitment expertise, catering to clients in the higher education, financial services, government, and healthcare sectors. We assist in securing talent for any duration required. Regardless of the project’s timeframe or scale, Excelon is proficient in delivering comprehensive temporary staffing solutions via our cloud-based recruitment portal, enabling clients to review and evaluate candidates seeking temporary employment. Excelon Associates is an international recruitment firm headquartered in Asheville, NC, with additional offices in Boca Raton, FL, and Delray Beach, FL.

Flexible Staffing Options: Excelon Associates recognizes that organizations face fluctuating staffing needs, and we are committed to providing flexible temporary recruitment solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Our services accommodate short-term, long-term, and temp-to-hire placements, ensuring that your business continues to operate smoothly regardless of your staffing situation.

Rigorous Screening Process: At Excelon Associates, we follow a stringent candidate screening process that includes in-depth interviews, reference checks, and skills assessments. This meticulous approach ensures that you receive highly qualified candidates who are a strong fit for your organization’s culture

Please contact us today to learn more about our temporary staffing solutions. 


Recent Campaigns

Below are some of the latest opportunities that we have undertaken. We ensure that all of our opportunities are fully indexed on Google and proactively market them online. This service is provided to our clients at no extra cost.