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A dynamic staffing agency offering innovative recruitment strategies for the higher education, financial services, healthcare, and government sectors.

As an executive search and recruitment firm, Excelon Associates specializes in higher education recruitment as well as building leadership teams and cultivating relationships for our clients in the financial services, government, and healthcare sectors. Our everyday commitment involves fostering strong partnerships from the ground up. Leveraging our cloud-based recruitment solutions and decentralized corporate structure, we provide a unique competitive advantage for our clients, ensuring the swift, efficient, and successful integration of new leaders without missing a beat.

Recruitment Specialties


We help K-12, College, and University Partners identify, attract, and retain top education talent.


Private Equity, Venture Capital, Crypto, and Investment Banking recruitment solutions for leading firms 


City, State, and Federal recruitment solutions for government agencies  leveraging their hiring capabilities


Hospital, clinic, and laboratory recruitment solutions for healthcare firms looking to hire industry talent

Temp Services

Fluctuating, short term, contract, or temp recruitment solutions for firms with specific hiring needs/requirements 

Excelon Associates Inc., Awarded GSA MAS Contract

As a long-standing executive search and recruitment firm, Excelon Associates has a proven track record of providing essential human capital and recruitment solutions to our industry partners. We are thrilled at the prospect of broadening our reach by offering our exceptional services and expertise, which we’ve refined in the higher education recruitment sector, to all government agencies. Through Excelon’s Human Capital MAS Schedule, Federal, State, and Local Agencies can access our top-tier human capital and recruitment solutions. These solutions are designed to assist agencies in identifying, attracting, and retaining the most qualified industry talent. With our assistance, agencies can operate seamlessly and effectively execute their missions.

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As an executive search and recruitment firm, we are proud to share some of the most recent opportunities we have embarked upon. We take great care to ensure that all of these opportunities are fully indexed on Google, enhancing their visibility to potential candidates. Furthermore, we actively promote these opportunities online, ensuring they reach the widest possible audience. We offer this comprehensive marketing service to our clients without any additional charges, demonstrating our commitment to providing exceptional value and results.

Excelon Blog

Our blog is a rich repository of articles that explore the intricate details and subtleties of higher education recruitment, along with insights into our other specializations: financial services, healthcare, and government recruitment. Stay updated, gain a strategic advantage, and confidently traverse the recruitment terrain with the help of our informative and captivating posts.

Mastering Modern Recruitment: The Invaluable Role of Staffing Recruitment Agencies in 2024

Mastering Modern Recruitment: The Invaluable Role of Staffing Recruitment Agencies in 2024

In a fast-evolving corporate world where the hunt for top-tier talent is both urgent and competitive, one entity stands as a beacon for organizations: the “staffing recruitment agency.” As businesses continually grow and reshape themselves in line with global trends, the role played by these recruitment agencies becomes even more pivotal. As we weave our way through this article, we will delve deep into the multifaceted roles of these agencies, highlighting the immense value they add to organizations and delineating how they’re setting new standards in 21st-century recruitment.

The Challenges Trade Schools Face When Hiring Talent

The Challenges Trade Schools Face When Hiring Talent

Trade schools play a crucial role in bridging the skills gap in various industries, offering practical training and education that align directly with market demands. Despite their importance, these institutions often face significant difficulties when it comes to...

Reimagining Skilled Trades: A Conversation with Tim Kennedy and Joe Rogan

Reimagining Skilled Trades: A Conversation with Tim Kennedy and Joe Rogan

In a recent and compelling video, two influential figures, Tim Kennedy and Joe Rogan, delve into the critical and often undervalued world of skilled trades. This discussion is not just a mere conversation; it’s a profound insight into how skilled trades are pivotal to our economy and personal career fulfillment.

Asheville Recruitment: Insights into the Local Job Market

Asheville Recruitment: Insights into the Local Job Market

Tucked amidst the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, North Carolina is not just a favorite weekend destination for tourists, but it’s also rapidly becoming a hub for professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses. A vibrant economy combined with an ever-growing population has shaped Asheville’s labor market into one that is both dynamic and challenging. Understanding this landscape is essential for employers looking to hire the best talent. In this post, we’ll delve into the nuances of the Asheville recruitment scene.

Sample Job Descriptions

These carefully selected examples offer a comprehensive understanding of potential roles and responsibilities within various sectors, including higher education recruitment. Whether you’re considering roles in university administration, financial planning, or clinical healthcare, our job descriptions provide a detailed outline of necessary qualifications and primary duties. Explore the wide range of possibilities in these crucial industries today.

Associate – Private Equity

Associate – Private Equity

Explore an exciting and rewarding career opportunity as an Associate at a prominent private equity fund based in Palo Alto, CA.

Director, Enrollment Management

Director, Enrollment Management

Under minimal supervision, the Director will manage, coach, and develop the Enrollment Managers and their teams toward meeting goals within their defined programs and campuses. The Director will be required to meet and exceed departmental budgets, accurately forecast team goals and targets, and manage the team to forecast results.

Associate Dean of Nursing

Associate Dean of Nursing

Explore this sample job description for an Associate Dean of Nursing, applicable to various opportunities.

Director of Military Admissions

Director of Military Admissions

Excelon Associates is seeking a motivated Director of Military Admissions for an opportunity with a national education group.



Explore our comprehensive sample job description for a Registrar role. Learn about key responsibilities, required qualifications, and essential skills needed for managing student records and academic administration effectively.

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