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Since our establishment in 2007, Excelon Associates has adopted a personalized approach to pinpointing and providing exceptional executive talent for our clients in the Higher Education, Financial Services, Government, and Healthcare sectors. We are a specialized recruitment firm, not generalists. With offices located in Asheville, NC, Boca Raton, FL, and Delray Beach, FL, we possess extensive knowledge and expertise within the industries we serve, and our objective is to procure top-tier talent for your organization that exceeds your expectations. As an established player in the industry, Excelon has a remarkable track record of partnering with the most prominent and prestigious clients, and we remain committed to evolving and growing alongside the industries we serve.

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An Individualized Approach

Recruitment cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution. In a rapidly changing business environment driven by technology, we must remain at the forefront of our industry to deliver exceptional service and expert advice to our clients. This is why Excelon adopted a decentralized approach and developed a ‘tech-first’ methodology, while maintaining our offices in Asheville, NC, Boca Raton, FL, and Delray Beach, FL.

Leveraging a range of SaaS platforms, we can tap into our extensive talent pipeline, distribution channels, and candidate network, to attract, educate, retain, and ultimately place top-tier industry talent at your company, regardless of project scope or duration.

Recruitment Specialties


We help K-12, College, and University Partners identify, attract, and retain top education talent.


Private Equity, Venture Capital, Crypto, and Investment Banking recruitment solutions for leading firms 


City, State, and Federal recruitment solutions for government agencies  leveraging their hiring capabilities


Hospital, clinic, and laboratory recruitment solutions for healthcare firms looking to hire industry talent

Temp Services

Fluctuating, short term, contract, or temp recruitment solutions for firms with specific hiring needs/requirements 

FeatureD Market

Government Recruitment

Working in partnership with your federal, state, or local government organization, Excelon Associates strives to deliver innovative and comprehensive recruitment solutions that exceed your expectations and provide your organization with a clear human capital competitive advantage. Our solutions directly address human capital and talent management.

NAICS Codes: 561320 and 561330


MAS Contract # 47QREA22D000A

Cage: 8K2K9

More Information About Government recruitment

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Excelon Associates is an international executive search and recruitment firm based in Asheville, NC, with offices in Boca Raton, FL, and Delray Beach, FL. Excelon has placed candidates in positions all over the world.

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How we can help

1. We supplement your talent pool

Tailored to your distinct requirements and preferences, Excelon Associates will develop search parameters that emphasize the precise candidate profile you seek. Upon identifying suitable candidates, we will efficiently direct them to the search committee for thorough evaluation and consideration.

2. We devise a unique recruitment strategy specifically for your search

At Excelon Associates, we take pride in our comprehensive research approach to develop an accurate position profile that encompasses not only the tangible responsibilities but also the intangible aspects of your organization’s culture and ambiance. We strive to understand your objectives, current and future job requirements, organizational growth and performance, the impact on the position in question, the strategic challenges, and imperatives of your organization, as well as the overall strategy for the specific search.

Upon addressing these crucial aspects, we can estimate a feasible timeline for the search process. The journey then unfolds, promising an engaging experience. For most positions, clients can anticipate a turnaround time of approximately three weeks, reflecting our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness.

3. We update and revitalize your recruitment process

Companies without a fundamental recruitment strategy face considerable challenges in today’s multifaceted and digital landscape. A company’s essence is shaped by its workforce and the manner in which they are treated and managed. Excelon Associates, in partnership with the hiring committee, is dedicated to facilitating swift hiring processes, establishing a robust employer brand, guaranteeing positive candidate experiences, and promoting equitable recruitment practices. This comprehensive approach enables your institution to make the most informed hiring decisions possible, fostering continued success and growth.

4. We integrate your brand into our distribution network

Excelon Associates boasts an extensive distribution network that encompasses online and word-of-mouth advertisements, organic search, job board postings, and social media updates. Our full visibility and indexing on Google enable us to secure front-page job posting results, ensuring that your open positions receive ample engagement and visibility. Furthermore, we maintain accounts and foster relationships with leading job boards, allowing you to collaborate with a single firm rather than navigating the complexities of working with multiple entities. This streamlined approach simplifies the hiring process and maximizes efficiency for your organization.

5. We provide access to our candidate management system

Leveraging our powerful ATS/CRM, we transform the full-cycle recruitment process into a seamless experience. Our cloud-based, fully scalable approach ensures that no matter the volume of candidates required, we are committed to identifying the right individuals and facilitating a smooth onboarding process. Through our online portal, we deliver comprehensive candidate profiles, summaries, backgrounds, and resumes, streamlining the hiring process and guaranteeing optimal results for your organization.

6. We help negotiate and provide personal guidance to the hiring committee

In recruitment, identifying qualified candidates is only half the challenge; ensuring a smooth onboarding process is equally crucial. Excelon Associates offers guidance and support throughout the entire hiring journey, assisting with interview scheduling, candidate travel arrangements, evaluations, relocation, salary negotiations, and employment agreement facilitation. We are committed to standing by your side throughout each step, working diligently to help you find and hire the ideal candidate for your organization.

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