Finding Purple Squirrels: How Using Search Firms Saves Colleges Money

The Pitfalls of Organic Recruitment As the post-pandemic recovery begins, Colleges and Universities around the United States will once again begin to search for candidates to fill their positions of need.  To do so, many human resource agents will likely place advertisements on their home websites, post on social media platforms, spend thousands of dollars […]

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Updating your Candidate Information in our System

With CareerUpdate, candidates can now take back control of the information they share with recruitment agencies. Thanks to Jobadder, updating your information directly in our system has never been easier. Those who take the time to update their information in our system tend to have the most callbacks, simply because their information is most current. […]

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Create a Job Alert at Excelon Associates

Did you know that in two simple steps, you can be the first person to view the opportunities posted on our website? Our friends at have created an amazing tool that allows you, the candidate, to be the first person to see the opportunities we are currently representing. Creating a Job Alert As a […]

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How to be Found by Recruiters on LinkedIn

How to Get Recruiters to Find You on LinkedIn With so many people on LinkedIn, it may seem like an impossibility for recruiters to find the right candidates to fit the unique roles their clients are searching for.  However, with the use of a few simple strategies any seeking candidate can elevate their chances of […]

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Exploring Networking & Career Connection Forums Beyond LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is the foremost known platform for connecting career professionals in the United States, there are several other recruitment platforms in existence that can serve as value adds to further establish your brand. Today’s saturated marketplace is booming with industry experts, excerpts about upcoming events, training seminars, and digital content that can overload your […]

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Excelon Associates welcomes Michael Yakubov

Excelon Associates is thrilled to announce the appointment of Michael Yakubov as the Manager of Recruitment Operations. Michael will be responsible for driving strategy and expanding our business operations in the higher education, financial services, healthcare, and government industries/sectors we operate in. Please join us in welcoming Michael to the team! I am so excited […]

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Excelon Associates - Executive Search & Recruitment

How COVID-19 is Changing the Job Market

When the pandemic hit the US, the job market and pool of qualified applicants changed drastically overnight. Both employers and job seekers have felt a palpable shift in the strategy necessary to be successful. Whether you’re a Millennial or a Boomer, you need to understand how job hunting and hiring has changed. We’ve compiled a […]

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Time Delays Deplete Candidate Interest

As an Agency Recruiter working in the competitive Education, Healthcare, and Finance marketplaces, it has been my experience that corporate time delays throughout the interview process deplete candidate interest. Imagine being happy and content in your job, and one day a recruiter reaches out to introduce an opportunity that resonates with you. If you had […]

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3 Biggest Private Equity Interview Mistakes

We all get the pre-interview jitters; it’s what makes us human. However, what separates the haves from the have-nots is interview performance and coming off likable, competent, and respectful in high-stress situations. There is a method to the madness, this post will not focus on how to interview properly, instead, we will talk about the […]

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