Director of Education

June 15, 2023
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Director of Education – Sample Job Description

Director of Education Sample Job Description – The Director of Education is responsible for overseeing the academic department of the campus, including managing instructional staff, curriculum development, and student management to ensure high-quality education and student satisfaction.

Essential Duties:

  • Collaborate with Program Supervisors and Instructors to monitor student attendance, grades, and support plans.
  • Prepare and maintain necessary documentation, such as leave of absence and withdrawal paperwork.
  • Develop, implement, and revise the curriculum in coordination with the Dean of Academics and Program Supervisors.
  • Manage, train, coach, and supervise instructors and program supervisors.
  • Coordinate and plan internal academic training.
  • Conduct classroom observations to ensure teaching standards are met.
  • Provide guidance to students in meeting educational goals and resolving grievances.
  • Review student surveys and assist program supervisors in problem resolution.
  • Oversee employee relations within the academic department.
  • Coordinate and participate in academic meetings and ensure compliance with standards.
  • Manage the campus academic budget and ensure individual programmatic needs are met.
  • Organize and participate in student orientations and various campus meetings.
  • Lead campus re-enrollment committee.
  • Assist with developing regulatory responses.
  • Ensure adequate tutoring services are available for all students.

Secondary Duties:

  • Schedule and coordinate student activities and affiliations.
  • Oversee planning of student events.
  • Oversee the College Success Center in compliance with standards.
  • Verify faculty credentialing is completed in compliance with standards.
  • Attend and participate in graduation ceremonies.
  • Serve as a substitute instructor if needed.

Working Hours:

The schedule is flexible within a 40-hour work week to meet campus student and staff needs.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Education, Business, Leadership, or a related field


  • 3+ years of instructional or formal training experience and 3+ years working in academic leadership

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