Updating your Candidate Information in our System

April 8, 2021
Josh Forman
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With CareerUpdate, candidates can now take back control of the information they share with recruitment agencies. Thanks to Jobadder, updating your information directly in our system has never been easier. Those who take the time to update their information in our system tend to have the most callbacks, simply because their information is most current.

As a recruitment agency that represents new jobs every day, having current up-to-date information puts you at a clear advantage over candidates who take a passive approach and wait for someone to contact them. With over 100,000 candidates in our system, this is an easy way to make yourself stand out amongst the pack.

If you have worked with an Excelon recruiter in the past, your information is in our system and is waiting to be updated!

Updating Your Employment Status & Resume

Using your email address (usually the one on your resume), you can log into our CareerUpdate portal and update your information.

Once you are in, first and foremost, we want to know if you are actively seeking, open to new opportunities, or no longer interested.

There is also a place for you to upload your current resume (if the version we have is out of date).

Updating Profile Pictures & Video Intro’s

Once your employment status and resume have been updated, you have the option to upload a profile picture or a quick video intro. While not required, recruiters have a much easier time remembering faces rather than names.

Uploading a profile picture will help you stand out amongst the crowd – and if you want to go lightyears beyond the competition, leave us an intro video saying hello and explaining your background (less than 3% of all candidates record and submit a video – you will absolutely be noticed).

Updating Employment Details, Skills, and Education

To round out a completed profile, updating your employment details, relevant skills, and education credentials will help us find you the best possible job.

While the skill of a recruiter certainly plays a part in the quality of jobs we represent, working with a candidate who has a completed profile and up-to-date information is a dream engagement for someone in this business.

Most of the trouble recruiters run into is with non-responsive unengaged candidates who expect the recruiter to do all the work.

Fortunately for everyone, it is a β€œdance” that both sides, the candidate, and the recruiter, must engage in to ultimately place you in a new role.

Do yourself a favor and update your information in our system today! The more data points the better. We look forward to working with you!

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