Time Delays Deplete Candidate Interest

November 6, 2020
Susan Forman
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As an Agency Recruiter working in the competitive Education, Healthcare, and Finance marketplaces, it has been my experience that corporate time delays throughout the interview process deplete candidate interest.

Imagine being happy and content in your job, and one day a recruiter reaches out to introduce an opportunity that resonates with you. If you had been looking for a new job, this opportunity would’ve felt like the perfect fit. You decide it’s just too good to pass up, and you agree to pursue the role. Once that decision is made, the candidate’s internal time clock starts ticking while they prepare to pursue this great new job. They are excited and perhaps a little ambivalent, but they are looking forward to the process and being hired for this opportunity.

While it may have required some thought to leave their current job, once the passive candidate takes a leap of faith their expectation of the interview process is reflective of how qualified they believe themselves to be. Most anticipate smooth sailing, while others understand there still may be a few roadblocks to overcome. Regardless of how they may be feeling, any delays in communication to the candidate from the recruiter or hiring company, could potentially have a significant impact and perhaps even cause detriment to the candidate’s confidence or belief that the opportunity wasn’t as great as they first thought.

Once that door opens and doubt sets in, the candidates will often start talking themselves out of the job saying, “I really wasn’t that interested anyway.”

Hiring Managers know that when a candidate’s application comes in from a recruiter, that candidate is considered to be a direct recruit for that job specifically. This candidate, however, could still be passive, so it is very important that their application get immediate attention. When candidates do not receive a response in a reasonable amount of time, doubt sets in and the corporation could potentially lose a great candidate. Once the idea of their potential takes root, some may decide to start looking at what else is available in the marketplace, and then they will be lost to you any way.

The lesson here is that the next time a great candidate is submitted, remember time delays deplete candidate interest. Make your interest known and start building rapport as soon as you can! You do not need to have all of the answers today, but at least the candidate knows they are in good hands.