Sonography Instructor

  • Full Time
  • Cleveland, OH

Sonography Instructor

Position Description
Responsible for all instruction of students in all programs where applicable in accordance with established policies, procedures, and established requirements. The position reports directly to a Program Chair, Academic Dean, Director of Academic Operations for Online, and/or the Campus President.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare and provide all lecture, laboratory, and clinical instruction according to the required curriculum.
  • Follow current course outlines, objectives, and evaluation mechanisms for the program and/or develop such when indicated by the Lead Instructor, Program Chair, Academic Dean, and/or Campus President (as applicable).
  • Maintain a lesson plan of daily instructional events.
  • Monitor student attendance and retention and document as required by the administration.
  • Grade assignments, returning graded assignments to students, and assigning final grades for all students in a timely manner (i.e. less than 48 hours from the due date of the assignment/homework).
  • Provide educational assistance to students during regularly scheduled times (i.e., office hours) or by appointment
  • Substitute in classes when necessary.
  • Advise students as it relates to school policies, satisfactory performance, etc. Maintain communication with the Lead Instructor, Program Chair, Academic Dean, and/or Campus President (as applicable) regarding such activity.
  • Submit in writing current textbook, supply, and equipment needs to the appropriate supervisor.
  • Monitor all equipment and supply inventory.
  • Secure consumable supplies as well as educational materials from the administrative office when needed.
  • Maintain a professional appearance.
  • Communicate with the Lead Instructor, Program Chair, Academic Dean, or Campus President (as applicable) on all issues related to students.
  • Maintain professional expertise (faculty development and professional growth) to meet accreditation standards by attending educational seminars in the professional field; attending teaching improvement as provided including mandatory online training and Foundations of Teaching modules; reading current literature, attending online courses, etc.
  • Ensure that students follow the catalog guidelines daily.
  • Attend all scheduled mandatory meetings.
  • Serve on committees (e.g., curriculum development, retention, etc) as assigned based upon expertise or campus needs.
  • Online Instruction: Ensure daily review of the course to monitor student participation, answer student questions, and grade student work within 48 hours.
  • Perform other duties as required. 

Job Qualifications and Skills

  • Must have 4 years of sonography experience
  • Associates degree or higher
  • Currently licensed in the field