Program Director

  • Full Time
  • Dallas, TX

Program Director – Dallas, TX

This role involves the management and oversight of implementing curriculum and ensuring the college adheres to all accreditation standards from the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE).

The Program Director is the expert on campus matters relating to ABFSE and the funeral service curriculum. The Program Director works directly with college leadership including the President, the Dean, and leadership teams. The ideal candidate demonstrates progressive leadership and administrative effectiveness in an office setting, is compliance-oriented, assessment oriented, and possesses a strong commitment to serving student and employer needs.

Responsibilities include:
Accreditation and Compliance

  • Expert in the ABFSE Manual. Ensures the college-especially academics – complies with all standards. Communicates ABFSE standards with operational areas of the campus.
  • The position has full campus regulatory compliance accountability for academic affairs regarding ABFSE.
  • All communication with ABFSE office including timely responses to letters/communication, statistics, etc.
  • Monitor curriculum subject areas and distribution within the program including embalming, funeral directing, and restorative art requirements.
  • Monitor National Board Exam (NBE) pass rates, graduation rates, and job placement information per program and modality. When NBE is near and/or not above ABFSE acceptable scores, partner with the Dean and National Director of Education on a campus plan to address gaps.
  • Timely submission of Annual Reports with program demographics, attrition, and program change information.
  • Submits any substantive changes required by ABFSE.
  • Leads the self-study report and site visit details. Responsible for timely submission, data, and all areas of the site visit.
  • Attends ABFSE annual meetings and other meetings when offered.

Curriculum, Assessment, Teaching and Reporting

  • Responsible for curriculum assessment plans in conjunction with assessment standards and assessment teams.
  • Evaluates assessment data to find strengths and opportunities within the curriculum.
  • Ensures that courses and faculty are teaching in alignment with the Job Task Analysis and ABFSE outlines.
  • Interact with students and instructors along with the campus leadership team to maximize employee effectiveness, resulting in growth in student enrollment, completion, retention, and placement rates.
  • Participate in analyzing the Conference reports to include comprehensive scores, program delivery method, and student program assessments.
  • Is a member of the curriculum committees, and leads collegiate curriculum initiatives.
  • A program director will teach a minimum of three (3) credits and no more than nine (9) credits per quarter.
  • Teaches on-campus capstone courses in licensure programs and teaches or co-teaches online capstone courses.
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of all program changes.
  • Coach faculty members through curriculum content, and delivery options, and offer feedback on content delivery.
  • Enhances the program with Continuous Improvement plans.

Program Experience

  • Tracking of student progression through the program.
  • Ensures surveys are sent to graduates and employers.
  • Facilitates at least two (2) advisory board meetings annually.
  • Oversee clinical roles on campus to ensure that students are receiving communication, responses, and complete requirements in a timely manner.
  • Enrich the student experience through collaborative outreach, innovative solutions, and by educating and empowering staff. Ensure that the program and faculty add value to the student experience and has programs that are improving the student’s return on investment.
  • Point of program information for students and responding to students’ needs.
  • Interacts within the community representing the college with local funeral service professionals, community events, and other key community partners.
  • Any other duties as assigned by President, Dean, or Director of Education.

Position Requirements
Successful candidates:

  • Must possess a master’s degree from a regionally accredited school. Consideration may be given to individuals enrolled in a master’s program with a graduation date within two years.
  • Must have graduated from an ABFSE accredited program.
  • Possess a valid license to practice as a funeral service professional.
  • Must have taught for a minimum of three years in a funeral service program.
  • Must have demonstrable management and organizational skills.
  • Strong understanding of regulatory procedures and compliance.
  • Strong knowledge of computer systems and Microsoft Office suite.
  • Ability to communicate with all levels succinctly and clearly, both verbally and in writing.
  • Maintain a visible and positive presence in the school and at school events. Program Directors must be on campus. Remote days must be approved by the Dean.
  • Some travel will be required.