HVAC Instructor

  • Full-time
  • Dallas, TX

HVAC Instructor – Dallas, TX (Full-time and Part-time)

As an instructor, your primary role is to facilitate student learning by organizing all aspects of the classroom and delivering effective lessons. You will motivate students, identify their learning styles, and adjust your teaching methods accordingly. Maintaining accurate records, advising students, and enforcing school policies are also key parts of the instructor’s role.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Deliver lessons following provided lesson plans and lead students through practical, hands-on applications
  • Engage students through discussions, activities, and enthusiastic teaching
  • Identify student learning styles and tailor teaching styles accordingly
  • Maintain accurate student attendance and grade records
  • Advise students on attendance, grades, discipline issues, and school policies
  • Create and maintain a safe learning environment
  • Issue, inspect, repair, and teach proper handling of classroom tools
  • Ensure ethical testing environments
  • Evaluate curriculum relevancy on an ongoing basis
  • Maintain classroom equipment through evaluation, inspection, and repair
  • Communicate supply and equipment needs promptly
  • Pursue continuing education and professional development

Additional Duties:

  • Participate in instructor training and development programs
  • Assist with ordering and inventorying classroom materials and tools
  • Cross-train to be able to teach different phases of programs
  • Explore and implement new educational best practices
  • Serve as an assistant instructor as needed
  • Conduct classroom and lab inspections and address maintenance needs
  • Repair tools and equipment as necessary
  • Provide short-term tutoring to students
  • Assist with safety program implementation and enforcement
  • Complete monthly peer reviews and provide feedback
  • Assist with curriculum development and improvement
  • Refer personnel issues to appropriate leaders
  • Resolve student concerns or redirect them appropriately
  • Be willing to assume leadership roles as needed


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