Assistant Campus Director

  • Full Time
  • Somerset, NJ

Assistant Campus Director / Director of Education

Responsible for ensuring proper functioning of Academic Department and campus. Assists in development, implementation, and improvement of educational programs to achieve acceptable retention rates and student satisfaction rates. Responsible for the staffing and professional development of academic personnel and faculty, scheduling of classes and meetings, ordering supplies and textbooks, student, faculty, and staff file retention, as well as promoting and assisting with student activities. Along with the Program Directors, the Assistant Campus Director/Director of Education is responsible to co-manage the supervision of each program offered at the campus. This includes but not limited to, meeting program goals and objectives, student advising and success, as well faculty supervision. Oversees the facility management of the campus, scheduling and payroll management of other school departments, and chief liaison to the corporate office.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Ensure the Education Department goals and objectives are congruent with the Institution’s Mission.
  • Ensure the Education Department operates in accordance with Accrediting, State and Federal Guidelines.
    • Complete timely and accurate reporting requirements for Federal Government, State, and Accreditation with assistance from Corporate Office, Department Managers, and/or Program Directors. For example:
      • State annual report
      • IPEDS (ongoing throughout year)
      • Accreditation annual report
      • Program Effectiveness Plan
      • Facility Management (fire, safety regulations, etc.)
    • To ensure a consistent retention rate in each program of study that meets or exceeds all benchmarks and standards of accreditation, and for the campus overall.
    • Work with other Department Directors (Career Services, Admissions, Student Finance) to achieve institutional goals and mission and ensure proper customer service is being provided at the campus through management of payroll and schedules. To the extent necessary, understand other department policy and procedure as it relates to the educational process. Also work with Regional Directors towards the same end.
    • Review student evaluations per procedural guidelines.
    • Maintain expenses within budgeted thresholds and adjust based upon student population.
    • Administer instructor performance evaluations and reviews.
    • Conduct periodic evaluations of equipment, course content, and general school operations.
    • Develop and manage instructor and academic personnel training and orientation programs.
    • Conduct regular faculty meetings for both full- and part-time faculty, with clear agenda, outcomes, and minutes.
    • Guide and direct professional development of educational personnel and faculty.
    • Maintain up-to-date and complete student, staff, and faculty files.
    • Plan and carry out annual Graduation ceremony.
    • Delegate tasks among program directors, faculty and registrar effectively.
    • Monitor and control attrition/retention.
    • Promote good student attendance and study habits.
    • Closely monitor:
      • Student grade point averages to ensure high academic standards.
      • Equipment and supplies.
      • Textbook ordering & inventory, class sizes.
      • Student and faculty morale.
      • Instructor’s compliance with the career workshop schedule.
    • Develop and publish (in a timely manner) class schedules for each module.
    • Interview and recommend applicants for hire who would benefit the Education Department.
    • Oversee daily educational activities within the school.
    • Review, evaluate, and recommend pay increases for educational staff members as appropriate.
    • Develop and administer cost effective measures within the Educational Department.
    • Work closely with all departments within the school to foster an attitude of teamwork and cooperation.
    • Oversee and direct Education Program Directors and student services.
    • Instruct classes as necessary.
    • Conduct with new student orientation.
    • Monitor graduation applications and transcript generation.
    • Review reports as required.
    • Advise students concerning academic and attendance matters.
    • Assure necessary documentation to confirm appropriate tracking of satisfactory academic progress, attendance probation and dismissal, and compliance with program completion guidelines. (Standards of Academic Progress—SAP)
    • Support, promote, and organize student and community activities.
    • Maintain an accurate and up-to-date listing of graduates, active, and terminated students.
    • Maintain a positive and attractive learning environment with special emphasis on cleanliness and safety.
    • Effectively communicate with all staff, faculty, and administrators.
    • Coordinate and conduct quarterly in-service meetings.
    • Review grades and attendance on a regular basis.
    • Perform other duties as required by Supervisor.