Exploring Networking & Career Connection Forums Beyond LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is the foremost known platform for connecting career professionals in the United States, there are several other recruitment platforms in existence that can serve as value adds to further establish your brand. Today’s saturated marketplace is booming with industry experts, excerpts about upcoming events, training seminars, and digital content that can overload your sensory palette.  In the below summary, we explore several other platforms that professionals should consider utilizing to expand your career reach needs with specific industry focus areas.


This platform serves as an excellent platform for job seekers to learn about new industry areas, connect with professionals who want a simple platform for B2B and B2C connectivity, and a place for companies to quickly link skills to jobs. We found this platform to be a nice place to explore new careers, review entry-level positions, and join start-up opportunities. www.angellist.com


This platform is geared towards generating sales leads, exploring employment opportunities, screening candidates, and developing business connectivity. One thing that we really liked about this platform is its inherent use of AI-based concepts in matchmaking between companies and professionals. AI compatibility based on location, industry nature, specified skills, and market knowledge are a few features to enjoy.  www.myopportunity.com


While this is not a direct job searching platform, we love Sumry because of its tools for brand identity and development.  This platform allows you to create your unique story through the creation of diversified portfolios and resume stories. We love the features that place emphasis on promoting your value through recommendations, professional experience, extended certifications, and personal expertise. www.Sumry.com  


Geared towards higher education academic professionals, Portfolium is a one-stop-shop for creating a personal portfolio of presentations, projects, and leadership experiences.  In addition, this platform allows you to search for employment opportunities in higher education, connect with like-minded peers, build relationships with institutions, and collaborate on projects with peers.  A unique feature of this platform is that you can link it directly to your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. To sign up, you are required to attain an account approval through your participating institution. www.Portfolium.com


Xing is one of the more robust career networking and hiring platforms popular in the European and Asian markets.  The main goal of this site is to provide networking opportunities for business-minded professionals, help people find meaningful careers, and connect with co-workers.  If you are looking for global opportunities, this is a good place to start. ww.Xing.com

*The evaluation of these sites is the personal and professional opinion review of Excelon Associates and is not part of an advertisement or solicitation for these sites.

Contribution by: Michael Yakubov, Excelon Associates